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New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

What's hot in holding gear

Several equipment companies have revisited holding technology and design. Improvements and upgrades are turning out hot foods that are pretty close to fresh-cooked.


Food processors: It slices! It dices!

Some of the earliest TV infomercials featured Ron Popeil hawking his famous Veg-o-Matic food chopper with the memorable catchphrase, “It slices! It dices!” Certainly, today’s heavy-duty, high-performance commercial food processors bear little resemblance to that prehistoric appliance—they can do so much more than just slicing and dicing.

The must-haves for modern restaurant kitchens are about much more than just technology. Here’s a look at the innovations that are shaping kitchen equipment and design.

A sweeping prohibition of single-use wares has finally been set for enforcement, and restaurants indicate they're ready.

Our usual roundup of head-spinning moments is pre-empted this week by an early look at head-raising news from the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference.

A year after the public put a businessman in the White House for the first time, restaurateurs are still judging the effects.

McDonald’s, Subway and others introduce new offers this week as industry competitiveness continues.

This weekend should be big for chains doing more delivery and takeout.

DoorDash is the latest to receive a multimillion-dollar investment.

The watchdog has traced an outbreak of E. coli cases to chopped romaine lettuce grown in that area.

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