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New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

Making space on the griddle for all-day breakfast

Interest in all-day breakfast means more energy and space for the equipment to make it. IHOP divides its four griddles into five stations to keep ingredients separate.


This week’s 5 head-spinning moments: Forced retirements

Venerable business principles and concepts were shipped off to the old folks' home this week, worsening observers' neck arthritis.

The year brought a number of restaurant casualties, including the demise of these standouts.

The package likely to be passed into law by week's end will extend a number of benefits to the restaurant industry, including a strong incentive to invest in expansion.

Bayless is the latest in a string of household-name operators to close units amid industry challenges.

The industry showed it's not afraid to stand up to its adversaries on important government issues, and will likely be emboldened going forward by help in the rumble from an unlikely source. It also was fearless in exploiting the opportunities afforded by the P.F. Chang's Olympics. Or something like that.

The market for branded retail items is growing, but cashing in is no easy feat.

Unusual became the usual this week for the restaurant business. Here are a few pieces of the evidence.

Sly moves helped restaurants get their marketing messages across in innovative ways—and avert serious crime.

New chain jobs are cropping up to manage the growth of delivery, curbside and more.

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