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New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

Holding cabinets

At high-volume restaurants, a holding cabinet can be a real time- and money-saver for keeping dishes warm without drying out. For smaller operations, there are countertop models, usually holding two or three pans.


Using blenders beyond beverages

Operators are looking to new blender models to speed up production, avoid cross-contamination and create housemade sauces and other concoctions beyond drinks.

Some operators are moving all storage and prep to be customer-facing.

The new design includes a beverage fountain offering pure cane soda and a stand-alone bakery area.

A procedure change suggests the measure is meeting considerable public resistance.

New reports make the case for expanding menu labeling to all restaurants and adopting a nationwide soda tax. It's enough to make you want to crave a $300 breakfast at Denny's.

Restaurants continue to defy traditional categorizations.

Who said the industry is color blind? On the other hand, there are parties saying it's crooked.

There are ways to prevent diners from taking too much, such as letting them know just how much they're discarding, Advice Guy says.

See what passes as entertainment at restaurants these days.

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