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New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

Family meal bundles get a boost from curbside pickup

The pandemic has encouraged—if not forced—restaurant operators to flex their ingenuity.


Yelp: 61% of pandemic restaurant closures will be permanent

Restaurants with the highest closure rates include those specializing in breakfast and brunch, burgers and sandwiches, desserts and Mexican food, the report from the review platform found.

Gov. Abbott also eased requirements that menus and condiment packages be single-use.

The fast casual, which has been hampered by its urban locations during the pandemic, is looking to add drive-thrus and walk-up windows to boost traffic.

The food-and-games chain’s parent, CEC Entertainment, has asked a bankruptcy court to approve the $2.3 million price tag to destroy tickets that have gone unused due to the pandemic.

The measure would extend through the full reopening of dining rooms. It would not be available to chain restaurants.

After pivoting to outdoor dining amid the pandemic, dangerous air is forcing many restaurants in the western U.S. to abandon their patios.

The decision also overturns a 25-person cap on dining room capacities.

Nearly three-fourths of consumers said they would buy groceries at a restaurant, but less than a quarter of restaurants offer them, according to research by Coca-Cola.

The chain will begin tests later this month of grab-and-go service and free-standing catering kitchens.

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