Chipotle Mexican Grill


Chipotle to launch its new Queso Blanco systemwide

The Monterey Jack-based cheese sauce replaces a cheddar-heavy version that was criticized for being grainy.


Chipotle crafts a targeted-marketing strategy

With 8.5 million rewards members, the fast-casual burrito chain will soon roll out personalized marketing efforts to boost frequency and engagement, while reducing operational friction.

Ineffective unit audits and aggressive managerial practices could lead to another foodborne illness outbreak at the fast-casual chain, the groups allege in a report.

The fast-casual chain credits its continued growth to carne asada, digital efforts and its pickup-only drive-thrus.

Restaurants are tying into the lifestyle plan with new and revamped items.

The state’s attorney general’s office uncovered more than 13,000 child labor violations at the fast-casual chain’s 50 locations over the past several years.

On-trend bowls are proliferating on menus to entice post-holiday customers.

The burrito chain was the industry’s best stock in a generally good year, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

A walk-up window and order pickup cubbies are among the features of the chain’s new prototype, with the goal of reducing friction for customers and delivery drivers.

The move is designed to beef up the fast-casual chain’s “food with integrity” supply chain.

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