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In the fast-casual sector, Chipotle laps Panera Bread

The Bottom Line: The two fast-casual restaurant pioneers have diverged over the past five years, as the burrito chain has thrived while Panera hit a wall. Here's why.


How Chipotle is helping gamers get more Eddy Gordo on Tekken 8

Chipotle knows its customers love gaming. The chain has a new partnership with Tekken 8, the latest version of the hugely popular fighting game franchise, which will be the title game in the Chipotle Challenger Series this year.

The fast-casual Mexican restaurant chain is also giving general managers and longtime employees a one-time equity grant. The stock split, the company's first in its history, will take place in June.

The protein generated more requests on social media than any other LTO since its removal from the menu last August.

To celebrate the venture fund's two-year anniversary, the fast-casual chain commits another $50 million to bring the investment pool to $100 million.

It was a strong 2023 for the brand, but how will Chipotle increase average unit sales by another $1 million as it pushes toward 7,000 locations? CEO Brian Niccol says it's all about execution.

Healthy transaction gains for both the fourth quarter and the year indicate that guests feel they are getting their money's worth, said CEO Brian Niccol.

The fast-casual Mexican restaurant chain announced a series of financial and mental wellness benefits as it ramps up hiring for what it calls "burrito season."

McDonald’s and Chipotle have seen a shift in business from earlier in the day toward dinner, according to data from And that shift seems permanent.

This resolution season, the chain is partnering with the Strava app, mapping out segments to run, bike or walk that end at a Chipotle.

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