Cheese curds move out of Wis. onto menus everywhere

Mozzarella sticks are so last century. Fried cheese curds are the ooey gooey snack of the moment.


Want a standout menu? These chains found the ‘secret sauce’ is in the sauce

Sauce innovation can be a magic bullet that sets a restaurant apart from the competition, especially in the crowded chicken and burger categories.

The six-year company veteran becomes the first C-level marketing chief in the burger chain’s history.

The fast-food chain’s Curderburger, which grew out of an April Fool’s joke, will return for the last half of October.

The chain’s new “From Wisconsin With Love” ads come along with a 17-city food truck tour with cheese curds and frozen custard.

The Midwest burger chain, not known for taking risks, quickly developed its cheese curd topped Curderburger after its prank led to a push for a real one. The result was a social media win and, perhaps, a regular menu offering.

An April Fool’s joke turned into a one-day limited-time offer due to popular demand.

The former Checkers and Rally’s chief executive will take over management of the Wisconsin-based burger concept.

After four years of R&D, the chain’s signature veggie burger is ready for its debut on the core menu.

The longtime company executive will leave at the end of the year. The company is searching for his replacement.

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