With traffic flagging, Denny's gets back to value

The diner chain, which earlier this year said it was easing up on value, is embracing it again amid a difficult economy.


After years of stability, Denny’s decides to shake things up

The company has a new CEO in Kelli Valade and a new brand in Keke’s that it’s betting will help it accelerate growth for years to come.

The former Red Lobster leader will take over for CEO John Miller and President Mark Wolfinger, who are both retiring. Denny's also announced plans to acquire Keke's Breakfast Cafe for $82.5 million.

Half of the chain’s restaurants have returned to around-the-clock service, and those stores are performing well. But it’s unclear when the rest will get there.

New ovens and other equipment will improve efficiency and food and allow the diner chain to do more at dinner.

The sector’s biggest players indulged in considerable reinvention attempts as they felt the loss of breakfast and particular challenges at off-premise.

Two-thirds of the chain's restaurants can't find enough workers to stay open all night, hurting its sales recovery in the process.

The latest flurry of comeback measures includes the launch of virtual concepts, a tweaked menu and growth through conversions.

The family chain is providing incentives for franchisees to extend their hours.

Delivery was supposed to be the big gainer of the pandemic. But operators have discovered that an old service coupled with new technology is what they’re seeing as a greater sales opportunity.

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