First Watch

Burger King brings back 15-cent chicken nugget promotion

For a limited time, 10 nuggets will be offered for $1.49.

First Watch

One of the largest breakfast-and-lunch chains, marketing itself as “the daytime cafe”

The times they are a changin'. Life used to be simple: managers managed. They directed, controlled, commanded. But that doesn't work anymore. Today's managers must learn to become leaders

OAKLAND (Nov. 11, 2009)—While many see restaurant leftovers as trash, a San Francisco-area utility sees them as a source of energy.The East Bay Municipal...

To keep cocktail lists current, progressive mixologists are looking to the past, resurrecting old-fashioned mixers and modifiers with modern twists.

French foods and concepts are “tres chic” right now.

The next time you're out on the dining room floor, watch as guests are handed your menu. Do they glance down at the cover? Open it right up to find something to order?

CHICAGO (April 1, 2010)—Yesterday, March 31, 2010, Ideal Media LLC agreed to merge the assets of its foodservice portfolio into CSP Information Group, Inc...

Coming off a double-digit sales gain that nonetheless disappointed Wall Street, the chain is eying a number of new initiatives, from the Apple Watch to stepped-up advertising.

As the weather turns colder, chains are tapping into diners’ desire for piping-hot comfort foods, while still keeping an eye on health.

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