Logan's Roadhouse

Logan's said to be weighing bankruptcy

A news report says the filing is being prepared and could be submitted as soon as later this month.


Restaurants' ouch moments of 2016

Not every restaurant development of the past year deserved commemoration with a smiley face. Here are a few of low points.

The turnaround specialist was most recently the CEO of O'Charley's and Ninety Nine's parent company.

The top and fastest-growing chains don’t always align with average total menu items in their sectors.

The chain both filed for and emerged from bankruptcy in 2016

Logan's parent said it will close restaurants after a change in leadership.

A look back at the most surprising, fun and thought-provoking menu fare at chains this past year.

The cowboy-themed chain is the latest casual dining brand to close stores in a difficult environment.

The steak category grew sales by 2.9%, to $11.2 billion, and units by 0.7%, to 2,767.

Consumers reveal which chain limited-time offers they are most likely to order based on the name and description.

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