McDonald’s plans to reduce antibiotics in its beef

The company will measure use of human antibiotics in beef over the next two years before establishing reduction targets.


McDonald’s operators say remodels are a financial risk

Franchisees say that as much as 40% of the system would not qualify for lease renewal if sales don’t grow as projected.

Consumers learned about coffee growing, climate change and conservation at the McCafe Sustainable Coffee Journey in downtown Chicago.

The company will let some franchisees wait until 2021 or 2022 to complete store overhauls.

These LTOs tempted customers in October.

Demand stalls at Wendy’s, Burger King and McDonald’s despite frequent discounts, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

As an enticement to first-time job seekers, the chain plans to offer guidance for using a crew position as a stepping stone to dream work.

The company is serving an Ultimate Chicken Sandwich and Ultimate Chicken Tenders in western Washington.

The chain is also adding a new $6 Classic Meal Deal in its bid to win back customers.

The company is introducing new Triple Breakfast Stacks sandwiches next month.