Peet's Coffee & Tea


More Peet's units look to unionize

Petitions have been filed to hold elections in three Bay Area units. The staffs would be represented by Industrial Workers of the World, the group that organized five Burgervilles before the pandemic.


Union wins a toehold within Peet's Coffee

The staff of a store in Northern California has voted to be represented by the same union group that's been organizing Starbucks.

The group organizing Starbucks says it is working with the staffs of two Peet's units to hold elections.

IPOs by JDE/Peet’s and Krispy Kreme, and perhaps Panera Bread, signal a major shift in strategy for a firm many thought had long-term aspirations, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

What was a trickle a couple of years back has turned into a deluge, with milk made from oats, nuts and more flooding the market.

Restaurants are driving consumer interest with lots of new launches.

The coffee chain, which late last year was merged with fellow JAB Holding-owned Jacobs Douwe Egberts, would be worth more than $17 billion.

The newly created JDE Peet’s also named several new directors.

JAB Holding believes the merger would create a global coffee and tea powerhouse and expects an offering next year.

These limited-time offers are differentiating the menu at restaurant chains.

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