How Portillo’s is boosting productivity and cutting costs

The iconic Chicago chain is testing ways to unlock sales by reorganizing kitchens, automating prep, cross-training and paying team members more.


Guest satisfaction high at Portillo’s despite menu price hikes

President and CEO Michael Osanloo said its pricing strategy of lagging behind competitors is working.

Portillo's and Lou Malnati's team up for an iconic Chicago deep-dish pizza collaboration.

Google searches for Italian beef have nearly doubled since the Hulu series started streaming this summer and sales are booming at spots selling the iconic sandwich, both in its hometown and other cities.

The Italian beef chain faced "unprecedented" inflation for the second straight quarter. Traffic also fell nearly 6%.

Starting Tuesday, the Field Roast Signature Stadium Dog will be available at all 71 locations of the Chicago-based chain. It’s the first plant-based protein at Portillo’s in its nearly 60-year history.

The 71-unit Italian beef chain is working to find more operational efficiencies as “unprecedented” inflation continues to hit its bottom line.

The fast-casual Italian beef chain, which went public in October, said it looks to take traffic while other brands are taking price. But that doesn’t mean it’s not raising prices at all.

The fast-casual Italian beef and hot dog chain’s CEO said the newest prototype just might be “something very, very special.”

A Deeper Dive: Michael Osanloo, CEO of the hot dog and Italian beef chain, joins the podcast to discuss labor, the chain’s drive-thru-only plans and keeping the focus on the long term.

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