Tips for buying shellfish

In this year of rising food costs, the good news is… shellfish don’t eat grain.


Just Salad sells out of new unlimited salad deal in hours

The pay-upfront promo, one of a growing number of such campaigns, entitles the owner to a salad each day in May.

You have to spend money to make money, and these days you don’t need to spend that much.

When introducing new menu items, partnering with purveyors on marketing campaigns can help defray costs...

Searching out bargain wines is a priority these days, as operators strive to give customers a price break yet still keep margins strong. The Internet has made that job easier; even the smallest wine producer has a Web site, and even modest-sized importers and distributors put their catalogs online.

If you’re going to be the guy who buys that chain that’s fallen on hard times—but might be profitable in your hands—you’ve got to be ready to act early and fast. If you wait until bankruptcy is declared, you’re probably too late.

For New York City’s Café Metro and Fresh & Co. chains, “social media helps us answer the question, ‘What’s going wrong?’,” says Ty Sullivan, director of marketing for the sister sandwich and salad concepts. When he noticed a complaint from an irate customer on Twitter, Sullivan regarded the tweet as a free mystery shopper’s report.

TAUNTON, MA (September 19, 2011 – PRWEB)—Top 50 broadline distributor Perkins is now receiving electronic product data from its suppliers via 1SYNC’s...

CHICAGO (December 6, 2011)—The U.S. restaurant industry entered 2011 hopeful after ending 2010 with two consecutive quarters of one percent traffic...

Childrens' opinions are a powerful part of the dining decision, not only for fast-food restaurants, but also for casual-dining chains that appeal particularly to families.

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