menu trends


Dessert time, anytime

Full-service operators move sweets beyond the after-dinner niche to capture sales.


3 rising menu trends to watch

Pandan is one of the ingredients starting to pop up in independent restaurants.

Customers say they’ll spend more on these foods at restaurants.

Drum up interest and tap into trends with short-term drink offerings.

These six recipes fit the bill for big catered events to seasonal lunches or dinners to holiday meals that call for festive desserts.

The 6,000-square-foot restaurant at the chain’s new Chicago headquarters will feature a selection of global menu items.

Comfort and familiarity may be much stronger factors at lunch, while novelty and buzz can be powerful dinner hooks, new information shows.

As it proliferates, the tasting menu grows up.

Many current trends will continue to grow next year, per the National Restaurant Association’s annual What’s Hot forecast, which brings global influences to the forefront.

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