The idiot box got smarter

Buying a tv for your restaurant isn’t as simple as picking out the right size screen anymore.


Wireless security systems come of age

Security systems don’t have to be complicated, expensive or, worse, inconvenient.

Paper and plastic ware can be a very important part of your operation, in terms of both price point and customer convenience. Here are some tips to help in your buying.

The deli category is a broad one—it covers all those cold cuts, cured sausage products, smoked meats, sliced cheeses and condiments that make up the bulk of your sandwiches, entree salads, antipasto plates and catering platters.

Foodservice suppliers provide a look at products designed to make an operator’s job easier.

Who’s shelling out the most at casual dining concepts

Many diners now opt for a single, all-encompassing eating and entertainment experience in one locale. And bars and restaurants are stepping up to the plate, equipping their spaces with sophisticated, hi-tech entertainment systems.

Milk, cheese and butter—as both stand-alone products and recipe ingredients—all play a prominent role on the menu.

From a pure public relations standpoint, going green is right up there with being trans-fat free.

For a generation that’s grown up watching Iron Chef and considers dining out a necessity, the restaurant experience needs drama, action and stagecraft to stand out. While open kitchens and display cooking are not new concepts, more operators are giving guests “a peek behind the foodservice curtain.”