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Trigger-happy branding

Conventional business wisdom says it costs five to 10 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one.


Buffalo Wild Wings' plan to take itself to the next level

Buffalo Wild Wings is widely regarded in the business community as a leader. So where is that leader taking its consumer-facing technology?

If trends always unfolded in linear fashion, any restaurateur could latch on for a ride. This week was a reminder that market tendencies are more likely to zig and zag like a rodeo bull with anger issues. Consider these examples of restaurateurs trying to stay astride the trends despite some neck-jarring changes in direction.

Coming off a double-digit sales gain that nonetheless disappointed Wall Street, the chain is eying a number of new initiatives, from the Apple Watch to stepped-up advertising.

In a special edition, we go spelunking into the issues that preoccupied the restaurant business’s premier gathering of free thinkers, the industry Woodstock known as the Restaurant Leadership Conference.

Speculation about the next big thing was rampant among 900 attendees of FSTEC, the industry's annual re-up on technology trends.

Today, customers merely have to say what they want, without any pesky humans interfering as the request is dispatched to the kitchen in a readable form.

Given the mystifying developments that arose, you’d have thought restaurants were holding their own Agatha Christie Week.

The chain reportedly sat on information about the web vulnerability, which sources outside the brand say could have exposed the records of millions of customers.

The menu at Wave, in the W Chicago Hotel, has been a work in progress. Arriving early to the “sharing plates” party, Wave’s basic concept hasn’t changed, but the way it’s presented to customers via the menu has undergone a series of subtle shifts.

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