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Beverage trends spilling into the restaurant industry


Digitizing the wine list

As tablet-based wine lists become more accessible, operators are weighing high-tech efficiencies against high-touch service.


4 twists to whiskey sours

Restaurants are rolling out new recipes of whiskey sours to differentiate bar programs.

New equipment solutions can help restaurateurs compete in the fast-growing market for trendy chilled brews.

Modern versions of these hidden bars are surfacing across the country.

To build buzz around traditional winter drinks such as hot chocolate and cider, operators are borrowing tactics from the coffee wars, touting handcrafted techniques and seasonal flavors more often associated with lattes and mochas.

Recently, concepts such as IHOP and Original Pancake House are taking cues from the coffee cafes and the move into premium coffee by QSRs like Chick-fil-A.

Chains use funky cocktail rims to excite guests and add flavor.

The chain’s introducing two varieties of Almond Joy hot chocolate.

The off-premise wine list, available in California, features $10 bottles.

Get with the program and diversify your offerings.

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