More than 200 proprietary soups are served at Zoup! on a rotating basis, with a dozen selections daily. The recipes were fine-tuned by the founders, former owners of a spice and soup-mix company. To appeal to every dietary need, these cover the gamut of lowfat, vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free varieties. Customers not in a soup mood can opt for SandwichZ and GreenZ (salads), added to diversify the menu two years after the 1997 launch. When franchising began in 2007, Zoup! expanded beyond its Michigan roots.

LocationSouthfield, Mich.
2013 Systemwide Sales ($000)$39,600,000*
YOY Sales Change16.5%
2013 U.S. Units55
YOY Unit Change19.6%
2013 Average Unit Volume ($000)$785,000*
Future 50 Year2014

*Technomic estimate

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