Why McDonald's new app might steal your customers

Users in southern California can now choose from a bevy of local and national price-off and frequency deals.

The limited menu will be the chain's boldest turnaround effort to date.

The National Labor Relations Board has shut down McDonald’s attempts to overturn a preliminary ruling that the franchisor should be regarded as a “joint employer” of franchisees’ staffs.

This time, the geek nook is located in Chicago.

The Russian government is investing $19 million in a proposed network of 41 restaurants and 91 food stands aimed at creating alternatives to Western chains.

The stepup for all hourly employees of company-run restaurants will hike each recipient’s wage at least $1 above the minimum mandated by state or federal law.

After years of balking because of operational issues at offering the a.m. menu all day, the burger giant will give it a try next month.

McDonald’s took an unusual tack this week in its quest for greater relevance to consumers, slating 24 publicity stunts and high-profile media events in 24 hours within 24 cities worldwide. The promotional push was called ImLovinIt24.

When Steve Easterbrook assumed the top post at McDonald’s Corp. on March 1, he brought to the job considerable experience in turnarounds and international market dynamics—two areas where his predecessor, Don Thompson, was spotty at best, critics say.

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