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TGI Fridays

50 Great Ideas

50 great ideas: 2016 edition

What takes a notion from “that’s cool” to a smart, business-forward point of differentiation? We present 50 of the greatest on-trend ideas we’ve collected.

Top 100 Independents

Smith & Wollensky

Founder Alan Stillman also created the first TGI Fridays.*RB estimate...

Here’s a look at five areas where franchisees with leverage are finding wiggle room in franchisor contracts.

TGI Fridays is taking a different tack than competitors like Chili’s and Applebee’s in its embrace of order-placement tablets.

Wedding registries and third-party reservations services were once seen as too highfalutin for cookie-cutter places slinging pizza and potato skins. But not in today’s environment.

For TGI Fridays U.K., CEO Karen Forrester’s people-first strategy has paid off in more ways than one.

Restaurants are looking to a behemoth outside the industry as a prime source of inspiration.

Sentinel Capital did not disclose how much it paid Sun Capital for the fast-Italian brand.

It's known as much for cocktails as it is for the varied menu in an energetic, bar-focused atmosphere

The former COO and CMO of Back Yard Burgers is tasked with growing the sandwich chain’s international presence.

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