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The 10 most craveable chicken wings at chains

With Super Bowl Sunday fast approaching, where will consumers flock for wings?

The company says its same-store sales rose 9.4% in the second quarter, thanks in part to its focus on sports.

A look through all six installments of our annual Future 50 report triggered some double-takes about the chains on this year’s list.

Wow, a week of bad ideas, people. Leading with a perv in Virginia. Leading to a numb-skull brunch promotion. And finishing with some unsanitary conditions at McDonald’s. A nation turns its lonely eyes to next week.

You’ve already gotten a taste of our list of 50 great social media tips and tactics. Now it’s time for the main course.

Lower gas prices and higher employment are quickening the industry’s top-line growth, according to updated figures.

But there are some standard-setters in that regard, the research found.

Sports bar chains from the 2016 Top 500 ranking make up a small category. But with 8.1% sales growth and a 4.3% increase in outlets, it's a category worth watching.

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