Seattle-based Evergreens is a relatively simple concept, serving salads, wraps and bowls for just under $10, with $3 for proteins. The company has an attitude, listing values such as "Friends don't let friends eat wilted salad" and "Don't be afraid to rock the bowl" on its website.

It has averaged 42% sales growth over the past three years and 37% unit growth, though it took a break during the pandemic. The 18-unit chain did not open a location and saw its sales growth decline by 3.5% amid coronavirus-forced shutdowns. The company uses a commissary system to keep its stores small, yet averages about $920,000 in sales per unit.

LocationSeattle, WA
2020 Systemwide Sales ($000,000)$16*
3-Year Average Sales Change42.0%
2020 U.S. Units18
3-Year Average Unit Change37.0%
2020 Average Unit Volume ($000)$920*
Buzzworthy Brands Year2021

*Technomic estimate

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