The restaurant industry has a history of leaping on red-hot trends that quickly cool into mere market ripples. Frozen yogurt, anyone? How about a kogi beef taco with a coconut water on the side and a cronut for dessert? Smart operators figure out how to nurture the appeal that ignited the fad into something sustainable. Gong Cha--Chinese for "tribute tea for the emperor"--aims to fit that bill. The Taiwanese concept features bubble tea, by now a familiar treat in the U.S., bearing several notable twists. The key components of the drinks are prepared fresh every four hours. The chain also features such novel ingredients as "heart jelly," a taro-based cream that provides a rich vanilla flavor.

LocationPlainview, NY
2020 Systemwide Sales ($000,000)$30*
3-Year Average Sales Change23.6%
2020 U.S. Units88
3-Year Average Unit Change26.0%
2020 Average Unit Volume ($000)$370*
Buzzworthy Brands Year2021

*Technomic estimate

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