Washington, D.C.-based Sharetea is a granddaddy on the list, having started back in Taiwan in 1992. Its core item--boba, or bubble tea--was a novelty in the U.S. 30 years ago, but the chain jumped on the trend early and has slowly grown to 100 stores stateside and 300 around the world.

Sharetea's menu has expanded, too. The chain serves several varieties of milk tea, some with the addition of tapioca pearls called boba. There is also a selection of brewed iced teas in flavors including wintermelon and ginger; fruit teas with boosts such as aloe vera and aiyu jelly; ice-blended coffee and teas; and signature mocktails. Sharetea is actively growing through franchising, adding 20 units in 2020.

LocationWashington, DC
2020 Systemwide Sales ($000,000)$34*
3-Year Average Sales Change53.4%
2020 U.S. Units104
3-Year Average Unit Change45.2%
2020 Average Unit Volume ($000)$365*
Buzzworthy Brands Year2021

*Technomic estimate

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