While vegan choices are available on many fast-casual menus, Tocaya Organica's items all start out as plant-based, giving guests the option to customize with cheese, chicken and other non-vegan ingredients. This flexitarian approach is in sync with today's eating style but somewhat unusual for a "modern Mexican" concept. But that direction, along with environmental consciousness and an enhanced on-site experience, has fueled growth for the 18-unit chain. A variety of chef-created tacos, burritos, quesadillas and bowls and a priority on local sourcing drive the menu.

A 2018 investment of over $20 million from Breakwater Management spurred expansion. More accelerated growth is expected after the recent merger of Tocaya and Tender Greens in August.

LocationWest Hollywood, CA
2020 Systemwide Sales ($000,000)$19*
3-Year Average Sales Change49.7%
2020 U.S. Units16
3-Year Average Unit Change58.7%
2020 Average Unit Volume ($000)$1,470*
Buzzworthy Brands Year2021

*Technomic estimate

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