Manufacturer Spotlight December 2005

Foodservice suppliers provide a look at products designed to make an operator’s job easier.

Los Angeles-based Chef Yossi has teamed with to create a battery of products to protect chefs and culinarians from harmful bacteria that lurks in every kitchen.  The National Restaurant Association’s Educational Foundation attributes up to 40 percent of food poisoning cases to poor hand washing and cross-contamination, both of which could be prevented with the use of proper sanitation products and techniques. Chef Yossi’s line is composed of lotion du CHEF, a shea butter-based lotion that moisturizes while eliminating food smells; moisturizing savon du CHEF a bactericidal soap; and crème contre les brulures, a go-to-solution for kitchen cuts and burns. For chefs on the go, there’s lingette du CHEF, a portable heavy-duty towelette.

Hormel Saucy Blues BBQ makes a time-consuming favorite quick, easy and affordable. Fully cooked and pre-sauced shredded pork or beef barbecue is a snap to prepare; simply pile these tangy, slow-cooked meats on a bun and you’ve got an instant American classic. Available in 5-lb bags and are ready to heat and serve, there’s no need for special barbeque or smoking equipment.

Ca’Montini’s award-winning brand has expanded its portfolio of wines with a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Prosecco.  The rich and seductive Cabernet is arrestingly presented in individually wrapped branded tissue, while the clean, refreshingly crisp Prosecco literally sparkles with the aroma of stone fruits and is perfect for celebrations.

Your menu can now span the globe with the help of Global Creations chicken products from Brakebush Brothers. Pre-seasoned and fully cooked, Chipotle Chicken Boneless Wings, Chipotle Chicken Grilled Breast Fillets, Tempura Chicken Breast Chunks and all-thigh Tempura Chicken are doused with international flair that can liven up appetizer and entrée selections alike.

Athens Pastry brings traditional baklava to foodservice with Classic Baklava Triangles and Rectangles. For a contemporary twist on this old favorite, there are also Chocolate Almond Blossoms, Chocolate Almond Rolls, Pecan Blossoms, Chocolate Swirl Fillo Rolls and more. Handmade, fully baked and frozen, these pastries have a shelf life of one month at room temperature and can stay in the freezer for up to a year.

Collins Caviar Crème Spread Pastry Bags from Phillips Foods are the latest way to elegantly menu caviar.  American whitefish caviar is seasoned and combined with cream cheese, then packaged in 24 oz. pastry bags fitted with a star tip. For an impressive appetizer, pipe onto halved potatoes or pumpernickel in two flavors: Smoked Caviar with Lobster Roe and Scallions, and Citron Caviar with Chives. May be frozen for up to six months.

100 percent natural, authentic wasabi is now available, thanks to Real Wasabi, LLC. Real Wasabi Powder is made from the Japanese horseradish plant, wasabi japonica, and imparts a pleasant heat and sweet finish. The powder can be served straight from the jar as a condiment or blended with other ingredients for a uniquely Japanese taste experience.

The American Egg Board wants to help you explore new frontiers with eggs and egg products by offering a set of recipes featuring The Incredible Edible Egg in a variety of European and Pacific Rim-inspired menu ideas. Contact the American Egg Board for your set of free recipe cards.

Thaw-and-serve cookies and petits fours from Parco Foods add a taste of homemade to holiday dessert menus. The full line of specialty cookies includes something to appeal to everyone, from traditional German fefferneusse and kid-pleasing Gingerbread Boys, to cinnamon-flavored Iced Stars and mini Egg Nog cookies for more sophisticated palates. A holiday staple, decorated sugar cookies come in Santa and tree shapes and are sprinkled with colored sugar.

High-quality video security solutions can be had without breaking the bank with Bosch Security Systems’ new additions to its flat-panel LCD monitors. The ergonomic, compact MON150CL 15-inch and MON170CL 17-inch color models will blend right into any restaurant space. Each features composite video, audio and Y/C that are compatible with today’s security applications that use PCs and digital video devices and offer user-friendly on-screen menus in multiple languages.

Customers these days are seeking increasingly adventurous tastes.  Pierce Chicken’s WingSations quality line of glazed wings are designed to help foodservice operators keep attuned to this trend, with five bold flavors to choose from: Maple Chipotle, Insane Hot, Caribbean Spice, Savory Rotisserie and Bold ’n’ Spicy BBQ.

Unique flavors, great value and ease of handling have made Patrick Cudahy flavored hams a popular choice for commercial and on-site foodservice operations. Each whole ham is slow cooked over real applewood in traditional smokehouses, and yields the maximum number of center slices per pound.  The sweet smoke flavors of the 97% fat-free Patrick’s Pride brand includes varieties such as Apple-Wood, Virginia, Smoked Honey and Black Forest—perfect for everything from breakfast omelets to rustic sandwiches.

Any menu item will command a higher price with the inclusion of lobster. This luxury seafood item is possible at an affordable price with Mrs. Friday’s Lobster Sensations. Packed in a convenient vacuum-sealed bag, the product consists of a premium blend of North Atlantic lobster and seafood and will instantly add upscale appeal to your menu offerings.

Form is consistently designed to meet function in the Stanley Commercial ErgoServ line of beverage service containers. Each product features the ErgoGrip handle, no-drip lips, fingerprint-defeating CleanCoat and superior thermal retention with stainless steel vacuum insulation. Durable and
dishwasher-safe, ErgoServe containers ensure beverages are served at optimal temperature, while making it safer for wait- staff to handle hot and cold liquids.

With colder weather upon us, this is the time of year when everyone starts craving the warm comfort of soups. Certain classics, such as seafood chowders and chicken soups, are always in high demand. Kettle Creations Quick-Prep Frozen Soups from Knorr offers enough popular versions, such as Clam Chowder, Chicken Noodle, Garden Vegetable and French Onion, to allow a varied soup menu with a minimal cost and labor investment. Kettle Creations are handy frozen soups that go right from the freezer into boiling water and are ready in 15 minutes, all without compromising on the homemade taste that customers enjoy.

54th Street Deli Mini Cheeseburger and Twin Mini Cheese­burgers from the Advance Food Company are fully cooked, individually packed and frozen and ready-to-heat right in their Mylar wrapping.  The burgers are CN labeled for school use, and with their unique size, are the perfect snack to fill smaller hands.

Tomlinson Industries offers a complete line of soup kettles that will fit the needs of any operator. Available in a variety of sizes and power options, these high-quality containers are ideal for front or back of house usage, and blend in well at salad bars and self-serve areas. Their top-of-the-line Deluxe Frontier Kettle cooks and presents soup and hot foods in an old-fashioned classic kettle shape, and comes in 8 or 12 qt. capacities.

The National Honey Board has designed a Honey Culinary Education Module to promote honey awareness and usage by chefs and culinarians. Two levels of classroom teaching guides are available, one each for beginning and advanced-level students.  Students and professionals completing the advanced module and exam qualify for 3.5 ACF continuing education hours. The education module is available in CD-Rom and DVD format and can be downloaded from the Honey Board Web site.

The Electrolux air-o-system combines air-o-steam combi-ovens and air-o-chill blast chiller/freezers. Together, they provide an innovative solution for a completely integrated cook and chill process. Electrolux Professional’s more than 25 years of experience in combi-ovens enabled the creation of the air-o-system to help optimize the workflow in the kitchen by increasing food shelf life and reducing waste. The combi-oven offers three cooking modes—convection, steam and combi—for top cooking performance. Patented features control humidity levels, air flow and cleaning. The air-o-chill guarantees the safety of the chilling and freezing cycles and the efficiency of the compressor.

This year Miller can help your business host the best football party in town. Miller’s Super Party provides all the tools necessary to turn your establishment into Miller Super Party headquarters. The promotional retail dates run from January 1 through February 6, 2006. See your local distributor for details and to request thematic merchandising materials, such as posters and table tents.

Twinings is celebrating its 300th anniversary with new additions to several lines of teas and updated packaging.  Cinnamon Apple Breakfast Black joins the Flavored Black line, which blends black tea with delicious fruit, spices and other flavors.  African Rooibis Red and Indian Spiced Chai debut with Origins, which features the finest teas from world-renowned tea regions. Pure Green Tea and Green Tea, Orange & Lotus Flower offer new opportunities to meet growing customer preferences for green tea.

By April 1, 2006, all Tyson-branded foodservice products will be shipped in newly-designed, safer case packaging. The new boxes can be opened with a trademarked Safe-T-Tab pull that eliminates the need for sharp box cutters and reduces the risk of employee injury. There’s also a Safe-T-Tab at the bottom of the box so it can be easily collapsed. Along with Tyson graphics, each box will display an icon of chicken, beef or pork to make it easier to identify and sort products in the back of the house.

Incorporate Crisco into your kitchen to enhance your seasonal menu with quality homemade taste. Crisco’s versatile products will adapt to any operation’s cooking style, whether it involves baking, frying or grilling. The product line includes Shortening, Vegetable and Canola Oils and Crisco Professional Pan Release Spray.

Get in the holiday spirit with READI-BAKE Supreme Cookies from J&J Snack Foods. Easy to turn into signature desserts, the cookies boast fresh, homemade taste and a range of tempting flavors. The selection includes Chocolate Toffee Nut Delight, Toffee Pecan Coconut with Heath, Brownie Cookie with Reese’s Pieces, Chunky Chocolate, White Chip Macadamia Nut and Chocolate Chip with Mini M&M’s. The festive ice cream sandwiches pictured here feature softened ice cream layered between cookies and rolled in crushed peppermint candies, chocolate chips and toasted coconut. For more recipe ideas, go to: or call 888-JJSNACK ext. 750

Never worry about even the draftiest food serving area again with Vollrath’s Cayenne Heat Strips. A unique heating and reflector design disperses remarkably even and precise heat, allowing for more effective warming.  The strips offer low, medium and high wattage units to ensure maximum performance at the desired operating height and are available in three styles: Cord and Plug, Hard Wired or Flange Mount, depending on your electrical installations. A variety of configurations and mounting options, as well as fixed or remote control boxes are just a few of the Cayenne Heat Strips’ long list of user-friendly features.

Stoelting, a Polar Ware company, has introduced the model SF 144 countertop shake and slush machine. In response to heightened demand for shakes and the growing smoothie market, the new model offers ultimate versatility and an outstanding warranty for years of ensured dependable performance.

Merchandise salads, fruit, desserts and other cold menu items in style with Solo Highlights bowls and lids. Available in black and clear, they come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 8 to 64 oz. Tight-fitting dome lids prevent messy spills.

Thanks to an advanced high pressure processing technology, Hormel’s Bread Ready line of sliced deli meats eliminates the need for chemical preservatives. Bread Ready sliced meats with TrueTaste technology employ controlled water pressure to kill potentially harmful pathogens. 

After an overnight in your freezer, the Coldmaster’s center of non-toxic refrigerant gel keeps your beverages at or below 0°F for hours.

Jones Light Pork Sausage contains 50 percent less fat, 40 percent fewer calories, and 15 percent less sodium than regular precooked breakfast sausage. Turkey Sausage is made from 100 percent skinless turkey thigh meat, and Protein Plus is sausage fortified with soy protein.

Javette is a quick, no-mess gourmet alternative to traditional instant coffee. Made from fresh-brewed, 100 percent Arabica coffee beans, it’s a .25 oz., single-serve concentrate that makes a delicious cup of coffee when mixed with hot water. The pressure resistant, tear-top pouch can even fit in a pocket. Pouches are available in boxes of 20.

Dawn Manual Pot and Pan Detergent from P&G Professional is an upgraded formula created specifically for the foodservice industry. It delivers a more powerful grease-cutting blow and has longer lasting suds. One gallon of Dawn can make 640 gallons of dishwashing solution.

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