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New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

From politics to HR practices, restaurant transparency goes beyond the menu

Openness won’t necessarily boost traffic, but being opaque can tarnish a brand.


FDA blasts Calif. plan to put cancer warnings on coffee cups

The federal agency says there’s no evidence to support the restaurant-opposed move.

Test your front-of-house IQ to see how making small changes could mean big business.

The chain’s rough second quarter abounds in cautionary tales for casual brands big and small.

The watchdog group has filed a class action against the chain, alleging it doesn’t disclose enough about what’s in its smoothies.

Operators seek to boost visits and drive check averages by adding complexity to consumer rewards.

The hot dog specialist has fired up a new free-standing prototype to provide a younger face to the public.

Here are some questions prospective buyers should ask when considering an investment in a leased space, Advice Guy says.

Local and state health officials are looking into reports of 15 people who got sick after eating breakfast sandwiches at the restaurant.

The casual chain acknowledges it was surprised by the drop-off in dining room business, and suggests much of it was self-inflicted.

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