Red Lobster

What's old is new again

What's new again? Big juicy steaks, burgers, and prime rib. After years of eating less of the stuff, Americans have stopped beefing about health woes and started indulging again.


Cutting food costs, not quality

Chef Al Massa at Michael’s on East slashed costs, brought in more adventurous fare—and increased traffic along the way.

The pickings might be slimmer, but inventive chefs are finding appealing ways to spotlight fresh vegetables on winter menus. Root vegetables, potatoes and hardy greens are adding flavor, color and personality to seasonal dishes at these restaurants.

Attendees learned how technology is changing the restaurant business in ways both subtle and profound.

Along with earning rewards, users can put their names on the waitlist at their local Red Lobster location.

Outside of foodservice, a standard work week is Monday through Friday.

LAS VEGAS (April 28, 2010 - The Packer)—The list of ailments being blamed on the restaurant industry isa growing one that includes hyperactivity in kids,...

HOUSTON (August 16, 2013)—Sysco, North America's largest foodservice distribution company, recently honored its top suppliers as part of the 2013 Sysco...

Red Lobster faces legal action for serving a salad with the contaminated produce.

A back-of-house renovation enabled the chain to upgrade its food quality while adding efficiencies, the chain says.

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