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The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

How Technology is Changing Restaurant Design

Many restaurants are now integrating technology into their design prototypes, reflecting the change in consumer preferences towards digital ordering and off-premises consumption. As a result, major re...


Tech roundup: Why food delivery is getting even more expensive

Restaurants are hiking prices on delivery apps by up to 25%. Also, Wow Bao launches a plant-based chicken concept, and a fully automated ghost kitchen is born.

Franchises are increasingly relying on technology to automate operations and drive business success in their restaurants. For franchisors looking to expand, technology presents a unique opportunity to...

After almost running out of money in 2020, the company overhauled its business and has been growing quickly since.

Parent Dine Brands is investing heavily in new POS systems, a loyalty program and other technology, which it views as key to long-term growth.

Tech check: As people get back to dining in, tech providers are evolving to be of use inside the restaurant as well as out.

The deal will allow DoorDash to offer on-site digital ordering and payment and expand its reach into hotels, bars and breweries.

Franchisees of the chain will now be able to use AI voice ordering at their restaurants. Also, Black and Mobile expands, Cracker Barrel grows its virtual pancake brand, and more.

Labor challenges caused by the pandemic have hurt the restaurant industry across verticals as more and more businesses have been forced to close their doors to account for being short-staffed. However...

11 awardees were recognized for cutting-edge innovations in foodservice equipment and technology.

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