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The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

5 ways restaurants can use the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one piece of wearable technology that promises to be an incredible productivity tool for the restaurant industry.


Why spreadsheets are not restaurant inventory software

When scale, accuracy, control, and smarter reporting matter, those old spreadsheets fall short. Inventory software picks up where spreadsheets leave off.

HOUSTON - Frederick Casinelli has been named executive vice president of Sysco Corp.'s Philadelphia subsidiary, according to the locally-based...

The four-unit experiment “is going extremely well,” CEO Kevin Miles told Wall Street.

Despite the hoards of startups promising to remake the restaurant business through technology, not all operators and consumers are dashing to hasten the transformation. Research from the National Restaurant Association paints a sometimes surprising picture of where we are in the adoption process.

Some of the customers in the drive-thru lane at a Meatheads restaurant never bother to order at the speaker, knowing their order was taken long before they drove up.

Here’s how metrics are helping employees take hospitality to the next level.

Fewer robots will be involved, and the tech is available to other concepts, as the cook-onboard delivery concept is shifting into expansion mode.

McDonald's revealed last week that the benefits of delivery and new technology run deeper than its financial results suggest. Here's a look at some of the results that hold deep implication—for the industry, and for any concept looking to take the same path.

Restaurants across the country have dabbled in iPad usage, primarily back-of-house for inventory or front-of-house for wine lists. But few have jumped in to the extent that Christian and Nacasha Ruffin, owners of Atlanta’s Do restaurant, have.

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