Chipotle revises its turnaround plan

The updates include changes in the chain's catering program, new digital enhancements, and a contribution from a Starbucks veteran who's been brought onboard.

Emerging Brands

Tender Greens debuts new flagship unit

See the emerging chain's new prototype design, which is aimed at boosting speed and hospitality.

Some operators are moving all storage and prep to be customer-facing.

A new fast casual ditches front-of-house staff for tablets.

A one-of-a-kind unit capitalizes on Colorado’s looser liquor laws.

Will The Proud Bird fly after its multiconcept makeover?

The old-school lunch counter is undergoing a rebirth. The luncheonette design makes smart business sense in an ever-challenging restaurant economy.

The world's largest restaurant chain intends to freshen its image with a new design, operational changes and menu tweaks. Here's a preview.

See how XO Marshmallow Cafe + Wonderland makes the most of its 700 square feet.

Will Doughbird land Fox in the henhouse with high-stakes chain investors again?

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