El Pollo Loco plans to open a restaurant without a dining room

The fast-casual chicken chain is rolling out two new prototypes, both with a big focus on off-premise traffic.


Quick-service chains plan for a fast future

As the pandemic hit, fast-food chains rethought their designs. Here’s a look at the most popular elements.

Will cozy cabins or heated tables allow restaurants to continue service even as the weather gets colder?

Eye-tracking, heat maps and other scientific methods helped two operators optimize menu profitability.

The smaller restaurant has more drive-thru lanes, drive-in spots and pickup lockers.

Small tweaks and larger changes are in store for customers as they visit food halls in the age of COVID.

The high-volume chain plans to open a restaurant providing self-service as well as table service, for beer and food. New technology will be the enabler.

With the drive-thru and mobile ordering more important than ever, the Mexican chain’s design combining the two in a smaller box could be a sign of things to come.

With indoor seating limited or banned, patios, rooftops, sidewalks and even streets are turning into dining rooms.

An upscale restaurant enforces safety guidelines with style and substance.

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