Sweetgreen takes on the suburbs

The fast-casual salad chain plans to open its first tech-enabled “drive-in” restaurant early next year in Highlands Ranch, Colo.


Fast casuals re-imagine their futures

Operators are mulling new designs and revamped real estate strategies as the COVID crisis drags on.

The fast-casual chicken chain is rolling out two new prototypes, both with a big focus on off-premise traffic.

As the pandemic hit, fast-food chains rethought their designs. Here’s a look at the most popular elements.

Will cozy cabins or heated tables allow restaurants to continue service even as the weather gets colder?

Eye-tracking, heat maps and other scientific methods helped two operators optimize menu profitability.

The smaller restaurant has more drive-thru lanes, drive-in spots and pickup lockers.

Small tweaks and larger changes are in store for customers as they visit food halls in the age of COVID.

The high-volume chain plans to open a restaurant providing self-service as well as table service, for beer and food. New technology will be the enabler.

With the drive-thru and mobile ordering more important than ever, the Mexican chain’s design combining the two in a smaller box could be a sign of things to come.

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