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McDonald’s pushes back against Carl Icahn

The investor has ignited a proxy fight against the burger giant over the treatment of pigs. But the company is wondering why Icahn isn’t making the same recommendation to a pork supply business he owns.


Operators are ripe with uncertainty over avocado ban

Nearly a week after the U.S. halted avocado imports from Mexico, restaurant operators around the country are counting how much supply they have left and figuring out what to do next.

The Hot Honey Chicken Biscuit is the first new product in the morning lineup since the daypart was introduced two years ago. The chain is also introducing a Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich.

State of the Plate: The humble vegetable has become an unlikely star of dishes. And chefs are also finding new ways to spotlight squash.

The sandwich chain is rolling out its “Diablo Dare” sandwiches, either brisket or chicken, which is apparently so spicy that it comes with a free Vanilla Shake.

Data from the third-party companies provides a snapshot of what consumers ordered from restaurants in the last year—and what fell from favor.

The plant-based sandwich is apparently performing well in a limited, eight-store test. But it could still be some time before the product appears on nationwide menus.

A Deeper Dive: Nancy Kruse, the new menu trends columnist for Restaurant Business, joins the podcast this week to discuss whether Sweetgreen can find enough salad demand to grow big.

From the Editor: Subscribers will get access to the menu maven's State of the Plate column every month as part of our broadening menu coverage.

“Non-meat options are no longer only for vegetarians or vegans. In my restaurants, I’ve seen a lot more ‘flexitarian’ guests looking for plant-based options,” said Hereford. “It’s important to me as a chef to offer rich and crave-worthy options to allof my customers.”

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