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Wendy’s is introducing a new french fry recipe next month

The company is also coming out with a new Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger as it continues to upgrade its premium menu.


Pantry hero products help labor-stretched operators

Here are a few reasons why it’s fresh-dried mashed potatoes’ time to shine—and some menu inspiration to get started.

Foods like pasta, pizza and soup are all comfort foods—and were consumed on a regular basis throughout the pandemic.

The sandwich giant also said that plaintiffs and their attorneys should be “held accountable” for pressing ahead with a lawsuit and suggests the allegations have hurt sales.

In order to grow their businesses, chefs must retain that interest by finding new and innovative ways to feature mozzarella in both existing and emerging categories.

Many operators view the milk/cream hybrid—which typically contains 10.5% to 18% milkfat—as more than just a way to add a touch of creaminess to java.

From the frothy crown on a chocolate milkshake to a topping that takes a Belgian waffle to the next level, whipped cream is having a moment.

According to Datassential Trendologist Mike Kostyo, consumers say they’re more satisfied with a dish when it includes cheese.

Sometimes, the sandwich options restaurants are offering leave a little something to be desired; while many consumers are content to stick to the tried-and-true favorites, nearly half of consumers say they’d like to see a wider variety of sandwich options on the menu, according to Technomic’s Sandwich report.

This Mexican fast-food chain’s seventh introduction of the product is being marketed with an “anime-inspired” campaign called “Fry Force.”

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