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Use versatile ingredients to boost margins and efficiency

Using versatile ingredients can help ensure margins are great, labor is efficient, staff aren’t overstressed and diners are happy.


Subway’s tuna sandwich ‘mystery’ emerges again

The sandwich giant’s tuna is most certainly tuna. That hasn’t kept the issue from popping back up to hammer the brand, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

With more consumers looking for value offerings that still taste great, operators have the chance to expand their menus and create new choices that customers can choose from.

Cristal bread highlights the flavors of anything you serve it with, thanks to its delicate flavor.

By learning all about these trends, as well as maintaining a deep understanding of consumer demands and habits, operators can be well-prepared for whatever comes next.

Here are a few ways to leverage classic snacks and summer treats.

Here are three ingredients that offer versatility for operators—and three ways to use each ingredient in different menu items.

Check out these three dishes—each features a unique, versatile ingredient that can be used across the menu.

The company is limiting dipping sauces to one per customer at many locations as supply chain disruptions hit the chicken chain.

Through quick, engaging videos, Restaurant Business brings you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at top restaurant chefs as they cook one of their best-loved dishes.

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