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Holding the lines

In the most basic sense, warmers and holding cabinets keep food warm. But as with most equipment purchases, finding the best one for your operation isn’t simply a matter of deciding which is cheapest.

Consumer Trends

2012 trend book: Technology

A roundup of mobile payments, restaurants running on iPhones and POS moving to tableside.

One reason why some restaurants have been hesitant to switch to cloud computing is the need for an always-on Internet connection. What happens if the Internet goes down?

The star ratings on consumer-generated websites, such as Yelp! and Chowhound, carry a lot of weight, according to a survey by the Dining Decision Ecosystem. The survey, conducted with 500 participants, found that after a friend’s recommendation, the Internet holds the biggest influence with patrons deciding where to eat.

As Shake Shack has grown from its humble beginnings into a family of 15 stores in three countries, so has its social media fan base. To support their avid and active customers, they redesigned and relaunched their website.

The restaurant industry of your future may look and feel much like the restaurant industry of your past, according to new research from the National Restaurant Association, but familiarity isn’t likely to make the business any easier.

Laura Jakobsen, senior vice president, marketing and design at Pinkberry, gives advice to women striving to become innovative leaders.

The self-professed lifestyle brand is about to add another tech-based service that may ultimately become a common restaurant amenity. But that’s the point of what’s been an effective strategy in the view of one investor-observer.

Digital advances are coming with some lingual ones as well. Here’s how the restaurant industry glossary is being rewritten to reflect advances on the tech front.

Few things are more upsetting to fashion-conscious diners than indications they’ve fallen behind the times. Eater.com’s recent report on the state of restaurant technology provides trendinistas with a checklist to gauge their use of restaurant-related technology against the norm.

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