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Meet the woman who wrote 1,440 Yelp restaurant reviews

Ever wonder what motivates citizen reviewers? Here’s how and why one hyperactive user rated 1,440 meals last year.


The modern service challenge

How restaurants are delivering high-touch service in a high-tech, self-serve world.

The techie theme that came out of this year’s Restaurant Leadership Conference: We’re not quite there yet. Despite the numerous solutions on the market today, operators still are struggling with what they really need and how to make it effective.

Before spending on new hardware or software, be sure to ask these questions first.

Is the industry going a little crazy, or is it just a garden-variety midlife crisis? Here's the evidence to consider.

The world's largest restaurant chain intends to freshen its image with a new design, operational changes and menu tweaks. Here's a preview.

The app allows users to earn points as well as find their nearest location and order and pay for pickup online.

The app-based system will enable customers of the drive-in brand to place a customized order for delivery to their car window at a particular time.

PROCTER & GAMBLE UPGRADES DAWN: Dawn Manual Pot and Pan Detergent from P&G Professional is an upgraded formula created specifically for the foodservice...

Here's the rundown on who to invite to the table from the operations manager to the culinary professional and how to run the process from ideation to launch.

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