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Consumer Trends

Consumers are venting about menu prices, but not always acting on it

People are increasingly noting higher prices in their Yelp reviews, but they’re also continuing to search for more expensive options, Yelp found.

Consumer Trends

Your teen probably wants to go to Chick-fil-A

The chicken QSR once again topped the semi-annual survey of young peoples’ spending from Piper Sandler. It was followed by Chipotle, Starbucks, McDonald’s and Dunkin’ on the list of teens’ favorite restaurant chains.

As restaurants continue to struggle with unprecedented labor challenges and short-staffing issues, operators look to ingredients for the help they need when it comes to trimming labor. Prepared recipe...

Restaurateurs are pulling out all the stops to make on-premise dining thrive again—and for many, this has meant adding or enhancing their entertainment options in the restaurant. Dining room TVs are n...

New data shows that rising meat prices and supply chain snarls are pushing consumers toward plant-based products.

Two separate studies show tourists and business travelers are getting back on the road at nearly pre-pandemic levels.

Expanding Your Restaurant’s Digital Footprint   Though society had gradually become more and more technology oriented over the years, nobody could have predicted the breakneck speed at which i...

A good limited-time offer should encourage purchase, but the most successful ones share other winning traits.

Patrons will readily shift their loyalties on the basis of how staffs are handled, particularly on COVID safety issues, according to the findings.

The younger generation is far more likely to use modern innovations like alcohol delivery and digital ordering. Their habits point the way to future growth.

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