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Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


5 fastest-growing flavors by segment

Breakout stars on menus range from all-American to ethnic flavors, light florals to indulgent fats.


6 ways to upgrade cereal

Operators are taking cereal out of the bowl and swapping it in desserts, coffee, cocktails and other breakfast dishes.

Pie Tap crisps up its crust to handle delivery.

New iterations of the comfort food favorite are flying onto menus.

French foods and concepts are “tres chic” right now.

Chicken entrees from Asia are especially increasing in menu mentions.

The new standards are said not to affect prices for consumers.

Here are five make-ahead recipes to add to your repertoire. Soups, stews, baked pastas and other one-pot meals not only ease operations during the hectic holiday season, but they also have wide customer appeal.

Join in the Lunar New Year celebration by trying one of these five Asian-inspired recipes. China and other Asian countries will welcome the Year of the Dog on Feb. 16.

Within the appetizer mealpart, all product categories have dropped in year-over-year mentions except one: fries.

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