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Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


6 more local menu hits on the brink of discovery

After running a list of regional foods that seem ripe for national adoption, we heard from readers about these omissions from the list. Here are some local favorites they see as having legs.


6 ways to refresh salads for spring

Shake up salads with seasonal produce, lighter preps and healthier twists.

Summer is grilling season—the time of year when many consumers are taking their cooking outside to the barbecue grill. Get grilling now with these recipes.

The potato might be the ingredient of the moment in the limited-service sector.

The pizza will be available starting Oct. 16 until the end of the month.

The chain is also offering craft beer pairings with the dishes.

For restaurant operators looking for ways to add umami to their menus, there are several ingredients that help do so in delicious ways.

Here are five food and drink predictions from Senior Editor Pat Cobe.

Shrimp stars in many chain LTOs.

The chips will be available in May, with flavors based on the chain's sauce packets.

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