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Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


8 menu takeaways from a whirlwind LA tour

To stay ahead of the trends, steal these ideas from innovative LA restaurants.


Is bone broth a blip or a good bet?

Bone broth supposedly helps you sleep, aids digestion and nutrition absorption, and strengthens bones and hair. Heck, even Kobe Bryant is a fan, according to SI.

A look at French sweets beyond crepes and creme brulee making guests gasp, “Ooh la la!”

Top chains are bringing back fan favorites from years—even decades—ago.

These five seasonal recipes take advantage of the abundance of late summer and early fall vegetables, transforming fresh, seasonal produce into inventive side dishes.

The chain says its pizzas will arrive "up to 15 degrees hotter" thanks to a new delivery system.

One proven way to differentiate off-premise offerings is to promote desserts, which are versatile and broadly popular across varied concepts, segments and dayparts.

The Double Doozies will be available in three flavors.

These five recipes deliver on the craving for simpler, comforting foods after indulging—or simply overindulging—in fancier fare over the holidays.

The chain's Loaded Hash Brown Scrambler Bowl is a heartier version of what's already on the menu.

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