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Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


Weed on the menu

Marijuana isn’t an alternative to wine yet, but it could be in the coming years, explained an expert panel yesterday at a session during the NRA Show.


How Beefsteak speeds veggie dishes

Plant-forward menus are a top trend, but creating veggiecentric dishes in a fast casual can pose challenges, as Jose Andres’ ThinkFoodGroup discovered.

From the looks of all the new items launching on menus this spring, restaurants seem to be in a race to be first with seasonal specials and limited-time offers.

Here are 10 current trends—illustrated in 50 burgers—that spotlight the boundless inventiveness that keeps customers coming back to burgers again and again.

While the idea of a dessert pizza isn’t unique, Modern Market created a sweet offering that fit with its mission to serve craveable yet nutritional foods.

It was a stop in Seattle that motivated Wildflower Bread Company Product Development Manager Lacey Hudgins to add a North Africa-inspired shakshuka bowl at breakfast.

Maple flavors are growing at lunch and dinner and in beverages.

Global relishes are poised for growth as operators increasingly use condiments to differentiate.

From regional American to ethnic versions and spicy to sweet variations, here are the barbecue sauce flavors on the rise, according to Technomic data.

The QSR is debuting a new Chicken Pepperoni Parm LTO.

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