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Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


3 bold-headline restaurant confessions

Confession is supposedly good for the soul. These chains are betting it won't hurt business, either.


P.F. Chang’s to offer free sushi for a day

Diners can snag a free sushi roll at participating locations this Thursday.

The burger chain will award a $10,000 Bling Mac ring to the most creative ode.

The pay-upfront promo, one of a growing number of such campaigns, entitles the owner to a salad each day in May.

Recent partnerships won social media buzz for these limited-service brands.

As the executives of Burger King and Five Guys revealed during a session at the Restaurant Leadership Conference, their brands share a conscious commitment to style over substance in their marketing approaches.

Restaurateurs are taking an inward look in March, examining what’s working and what’s not in their organizations and weeding out what they deem not worthy. Here are three ways business are being shaken up right now.

Brands looked to the Golden Globe Awards as a springboard to show off their menu items.

Veterans Day provides an opportunity to than the nation's service men and women—and maybe snag some traffic in the process.

RB's virtual roundtable of restaurant tech execs predicts the platforms and strategies that will spur engagement in the future.

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