Super Bowl chicken wings will be plentiful, but costly

Unlike last year, there’s no wing shortage but wing prices remain high, driven by surging demand, labor shortages and other record-high costs surrounding their production.


Wingstop opens a cash-less, seat-less restaurant

The wing chain’s new “restaurant of the future” will allow the brand to test equipment and layouts to maximize its off-premise business.

In honor of Saturday’s English Premier League matchup, the fast casual will start delivering wings at 6:30 a.m. to New York City football fans.

Donnie Upshaw, who had served as SVP of people for the fast-casual wing chain, was elevated into the new post to oversee culture and talent management for the brand.

The fast casual, which rarely rolls out new menu additions, is debuting Orange Szechuan for a limited time for its wings and thighs.

The fast casual’s food costs are soaring and it is looking for ways to assert more control over its supply chain.

After launching the virtual concept in June, Wingstop said it was time to offer the bone-in thighs and Thigh Bites on its regular menu. Thighstop is still available via DoorDash.

Alex Kaleida will move into the chief financial officer post at the fast-casual chicken wing chain.

The chain is putting an emphasis on one-to-one marketing as it look to drive more digital business.

The fast-growing wing chain plans to open 25 company-owned restaurants and ghost kitchens in the heart of New York City “as fast as we can,” its CEO said.

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