Branches of this upscale Asian restaurant and celebrity hangout, a tonier half-sibling to the Wagamama noodle chain, probably won’t be opening between an Applebee’s and a Chili’s on Average Town’s restaurant row. This is not one for the mainstream. The swank factor of the 11,000-square-foot concept makes it a natural for places that wink at indulgence, a la Miami, Las Vegas and New York City. The concept’s parent bought a nightclub operation early in 2014, opening up new expansion opportunities, particularly in hotels and casinos.

2013 Systemwide Sales$32,000,000*
% Change in Sales100.0%
2013 U.S. Units5
% Change in Units66.7%
2013 Average Unit Volume$8,000,000*
% Change in AUV0.0%
Future 50 Year2014