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Industries all across the country are experiencing the disruptive impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Discover how it could affect the U.S. foodservice, grocery and convenience industries.


How restaurants are trying to recoup revenue from a bleak holiday party season

Large shindigs are out, but operators are innovating with alternative holiday events to bring in some cash.

Podcast: Why COVID-Friendly Food Packaging Is Essential

CSP talks with POS Supply executives on safe packaging and their own solution for retailers

Pennsylvania has banned alcohol service Wednesday night, while others rely on curfews, public pleas and stepped-up enforcement of safety rules.

Ahead of the holiday rush, Albertsons Cos. has implemented contactless temperature checks and health screenings for its associates and vendors across all facilities.

6 insights from Winsight's Retail Foodservice Forum

UFCW holds press conference urging retailers and legislators to better protect and compensate grocery workers and others on the front lines, as the pandemic continues ahead of the busy holiday season.

Average cost of annual feast lowest since 2010, American Farm Bureau Federation says

McLane leader outlines how proprietary brands have performed during COVID-19

Some restaurants are skeptical of the financial model, while others worry about the cultural impact of delivery-only concepts.

Move comes as eight-state coronavirus cases increase across the retailer’s eight-state region.

More areas set limits on outdoor dining as well as indoor seating.

It becomes the first state to place limits on the charges paid by restaurants to delivery companies.

Restaurants aren’t likely to see the sort of federal relief that helped them weather the shutdown of dining rooms back in the spring. At least not for a while.

5 ways c-store loyalty is meeting the moment

Vaccinations could be available next month after Pfizer and BioNTech request emergency authorization, but it could be a while before customers come back.

With the pandemic devastating the hospitality business, hotel operators have to move in new directions for the new year.

They'll lose the deductibility of some expenses even if they don't file for loan forgiveness this year, Treasury says.

Potential employee pool shrinks even as unemployment skyrockets

Nevada's governor said he will announce new safety steps shortly.

Comfort food aside, online orders of pet supplies, gaming gear and alcoholic beverages surged in the months since COVID-19 gripped the country.

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