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Employees say In-N-Out is the best workplace in the restaurant business

The latest ranking of all U.S. employers by Glassdoor.com lists only three restaurant companies, starting with the retro burger chain.


Chick-fil-A sues chicken suppliers over price fixing

The chicken sandwich chain identified itself as one of the victims of an alleged bid-rigging scheme.

The quick-service chain is rolling out two of customers’ favorite sauces at selected supermarkets.

The chicken chain has been increasingly dominant in Piper Sandler’s annual Taking Stock with Teens survey, which shows young people slowing their spending.

The fast-food chain is testing a Honey Pepper Pimento Chicken Sandwich in North and South Carolina amid mounting competition.

Operators share the innovations that are getting them through these challenging times.

The battle for the best continues, with the Colonel and smaller contenders joining the ranks.

RB’s The Bottom Line examines the benefits and drawbacks of getting into the hottest chicken concept in the country.

With plenty of business through their drive-thrus, chains such as Chick-fil-A, Del Taco and Wendy’s are in no hurry to reopen dining rooms.

The two are the latest big chains to try that form of to-go and delivered meals.

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