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Twitter-trolling health inspectors

In the Social Media Age, the language that constitutes a formal complaint has evolved.


28 social media ideas to steal

Some restaurants have scored big on social media. Here's what you can learn from their wins.

Many operators have discovered the power of leveraging premium-brand products on the menu and tabletop. Front-of-the-house branding can take various forms, such as showcasing a brand-name cookie or candy ingredient in a dessert recipe, placing brand-name condiments on the table, or menuing the customer-preferred brand of iced tea by the glass and pitcher. Each is a way of showing a commitment to quality and not coincidentally, boosting sales and profits.

A look around at the competitions seems to show just as many social media successes (Starbucks) as stumbles (McDonald’s). Where should you focus your efforts in the coming year? We asked a few social media superstars for their advice.

Instagram is proving to be the social-media platform to watch and learn from thanks to new stats and a backlash against McDonald's sponsored posts.

To boost engagement with its “neighborhood” and generate some social media buzz, Applebee’s, the country’s 10th largest chain by sales, will turn over its Instagram feed to its customers for the next 12 months, Adweek reports, relying in a big way (although not solely) on user-generated content—read: free content—to populate the page.

Those photos you and your guests post to Instagram are about to get better-looking. Instagram introduced new creative tools last week that give users “the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth and more.”

People in big cities have been all abuzz over the hidden cash craze sweeping social media, that all started when a mysterious person (@HiddenCash) began stashing money around San Francisco.

Customer service is just as important online as it is in house. Here are four tips on how to win your customers over on Twitter if you make a mistake.

Less than a week ago, Twitter rolled out a new design for profile pages. Some operators have embraced the challenge. Others have more to learn.

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