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This week’s head-spinning moments: Multi-spins

This week's most arresting restaurant developments seemed to come in groups, raising the risk of neck injury for the keen observer. Here's a painless review of the head-spinning moments you may have missed.

The week’s 5 head-spinning moments: Alternate-universe edition

The industry seemed to borrow a plot twist this week from science fiction movies, transforming business as usual into anything but.

During a summer of extremes, what else could we expect but a week of restaurant mosts and leasts? Here's a sampling.

A restaurant’s no-reservations policy can turn the most amiable hostess into a tyrant and the most laid-back guest into a monster—fueled by hunger and impatience. What's to blame?

How to foster a culture of giving that keeps on giving.

New delivery initiatives from Chipotle and Domino's, a millennial-focused training program from Cheesecake, and Panera's multimillion-dollar defense against becoming Chipotle.

Buffalo Wild Wings sale could unleash other go-private deals, so here are five that could happen.

Dispatches from the restaurant battleground show how some of the biggest names in the business are coping with the industry's difficult conditions.

Unexpected developments abounded in the restaurant business, from a surge in popularity of hurling hatchets to new revelations about how much some restaurants pay.

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