Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


Retooling the workforce

For TGI Fridays U.K., CEO Karen Forrester’s people-first strategy has paid off in more ways than one.


Virtual back office, real results

There are two kinds of restaurant back offices—and one is a lot more profitable than the other.

A Women’s Foodservice Forum study earmarked “building networks” among the top three competencies of successful women in the industry. See how to tailor that effort to your style.

Larger employers are moving out, while some small businesses like restaurants are deciding now’s the time to throw in the napkin.

The beginning of the year brings an outpouring of predictions from industry watchers (including us; we did a whole series, including this one). Here are three that made few if any of those lists, yet are already looking like possible trends for 2015.

A back office system institutes a bulletproof plan to ensure a consistent brand experience for franchisors and franchisees.

If you're still on the fence about body art, consider this check of the reality in restaurants today.

Business- crushing lawsuits and tedious rules have some operators debating whether it’s time to topple the practice of tipping completely.

How restaurants are addressing the growing beard trend.

Until The Home Depot opened its 500th store, co-founder and then-CEO Bernie Marcus personally trained every manager. “I don’t mean I spent a few hours with them and gave them a speech,” says Marcus, now age 84. “I spent days with them.”