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Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


Understanding Tumblr

The humble online blog has been a staple of many restaurants’ websites for years, so much so that the format has started to look a little stale. Tumblr is a blog site, but it’s a bit different than its elders. You can post photos, text and videos like with any other blog platform, but it also has a secret weapon that is catching the attention of restaurant operators: community. On Tumblr, no blog is an island.


Apps usurp coupons as customer incentive

Operators are willing to give freebies to help foster that bond and technology is making it easier to target offers through loyalty programs and apps.

The industry isn’t letting a golden marketing opportunity pass it by.

With consumers prowling stores and the internet for gift ideas, some restaurants are ready with suggestions that could also make their holidays a little happier.

As social media tools evolve, operators are shifting to an extended form of engagement that lets guests interact with brands in ever-more personal ways.

The casual chain has added a $10 Tuesdays deal.

Here’s a look at some of the creative marketing plays for 2018's tournament.

Operators are offering their own versions of meal kits, serving up bundled family meals that often have an off-premise bent.

By employing creative and time-tested social media techniques, these brands have fans buzzing.

Teaching classes in restaurants is a popular way to reach new customers, bring in more revenue, reward frequent guests or showcase an event space.

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