The premise: sustainable seafood served in a laid-back atmosphere with a check average of $10. The menu is deliberately simple, offering about a dozen species of fish and shellfish, including scallops—a rarity at a fast casual—all sustainably sourced, says CEO Bob Holden. All 21 locations are in California, with four more to come in 2018. And in 2019, “We’re looking to get into Nevada, Colorado and Arizona,” Holden says, projecting a 20% to 30% growth rate. 

LocationFullerton, Calif.
2017 Systemwide Sales ($000,000)$47
YOY Sales Change39.7%
2017 U.S. Units21
YOY Unit Change23.5%
2017 Average Unit Volume ($000)$2,600
Future 50 Year2018

*Technomic estimate

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